The Season, and Life, Are About Change

The beautiful transition into fall gives us a chance to reflect and be aware of all life provides Beautiful blue fall sky behind yellow, orange and rust leaves, signifies change in nature and in, even while sitting in traffic, thinking about our to-do list or grieving a lost loved one.

I would like to share a couple of sage old Buddhist ideas to help us live fully in the present.

Everything in the universe is in constant flux – both pleasure and pain must pass away in this temporary world – our bodies, thoughts, loves, successes, possessions, illnesses, hard times, empires, stars — no exceptions!

Yet every fleeting moment is perfect to help us become who we’re meant to be and view ourselves and others with a compassionate heart.

Life on this earth gives us the opportunity to work with all the sets of opposites — light and dark, like and dislike, grasping and letting go. Since the nature of our experience is flux, we know each moment is going to vanish.

So for this season, why not appreciate all that is fleeting and changing around us?

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