The Healing Power of Gratitude

“You are what you love and you love whatever you are giving
your attention to.”

~ Emanuel Swedenborg

Have you ever said, “I can’t help thinking that . . . “? But can we help it? True, we “think” of our conscious mind as logical, as in “if this, then that must follow,” without any hint of our participation or power to change outcomes.

We generally have not been taught that our mind is a powerful tool which can be used as a creative instrument. In fact it is always creating, according to our beliefs and thoughts. Therefore if we feed it positive beliefs and thoughts we can move out of bondage of negative experiences (and preordained outcomes) and into manifesting our full potential on this ride we call life!

“You cannot simultaneously be worrying about life, and
still feel you are fully supported and completely taken care of..”

~ From You Are What You Love by Vaishali

Gratitude is one of the best mind foods available. Since, when you focus on something you appreciate, you cannot be simultaneously be feeling lack, wishing things could be different, or dwelling in the past. When you are worried, you are “loving” worrying, and creating more things to be worried about.

When you are actively grateful, you are “loving” the gifts life has given or is giving you, and magically creating more things for which to be grateful. Our mind never quits and is constantly creating from the raw material we feed into it.

“Our thoughts go out from us like ripples in a pond.”
~ From Meditations to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Choosing gratitude every day, even when we have lost someone, our own health or capacity we once had, is the most powerful example of “the gift that keeps on giving.” Those grateful thoughts ripple outward, affecting every relationship, all of our own cells and functions, and our sense of abundance. If we truly are what we love (or give our attention to), then we can consciously choose what we are in every present moment.

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