How to Heal from Grief and Loss

San Francisco Bay Area Grief Coach Offers a Path to Recovery

Grief Coach Dhyanis Carniglia 
I’m Dhyanis Carniglia, certified Heartbreak to Happiness® Grief Coach. Please click to hear my 15 minute interview and how I can help you move through grief to a joy-filled life — as I have after losing my daughter in a car accident. I know how long it takes to heal overwhelming pain without a guide to offer hope and practical steps to accelerate the process.
Are you grieving over the death of a child or other loved one? Do you feel alone and 
consumed by your pain? Dhyanis has been where you are, and can help you cope and move 
beyond your grief. Certified Heartbreak to Happiness® Grief Coach Dhyanis brings a vibrant and compassionate 
presence to those struggling with grief. She shares her warmth and support, along with a proven 
recipe for reclaiming joy. Dhyanis has helped many women move past their suffering to resolve grief 
issues, and she can show you how to release your anguish, rediscover enthusiasm and find peace and 
new meaning in life.
Click to download a complimentary copy of the
15-page Moving Past Grief e-book.Moving Past Grief e-book cover and download link
“Dhyanis shares the heartbreaking story of losing her only child in a tragic family accident. This pivotal event changes her relationship to life and tests her spirit. Her emotionally eloquent account takes us through the grief and out the other side, to once again experience joy and become a beacon for others.”
~ Aurora Winter, Founder, Grief Coach Academy

What Clients Say About Coaching with Dhyanis

“Those of us left behind need to understand that the soul came to learn and to teach, and at their death their work is finished. We may know this with our brains, but that knowledge has a hard path to the heart. Dhyanis gave me Grief Coaching. It really made a difference in my attitude and helped me reach a state of acceptance and peace.”

~ Alisha Rodrigues, Publicist and Widow, Tetonia, Idaho

“After a “surprise” dissolution of a 38-year marriage and a year of grieving, with 10 weekly sessions of Grief Coaching, Dhyanis has helped me accomplish my goals: find acceptance and forgiveness, find joy in life and recover my self-worth. She gave me tools which have helped me get my core back. These are tools I will continue to use.”
~ Anne, CA

“Dhyanis allowed me to express all my feelings when my 33-year-old son died of cancer. I now can focus on the positive and celebrate his life. I have started the Jonny Rhythm Foundation to help others around the world in his name.”

~ Barbara Sedassy, Artist and Mother, Chorleywood, England

Free Chakra Profile Quiz — How Grief Affects Your Energy Centers

The seven chakras or energy centers of the body have recorded in them every emotionally significant event of your life. Each chakra regulates a distinct aspect of your personality and the related bodily organs and functions.

If any one (or more) chakra is weak or out of balance, you can manifest symptoms on many levels. The emotional turmoil of grief can cause an energy block which throws off the entire system. Unblocking or rebalancing these energies can immediately help your entire life flow freely again.

Discover which of your chakras are strong and which are not by clicking this link to answer provocative, soul-searching questions.

Contact Dhyanis to schedule a free half-hour phone session and get instant tips to help you begin healing. We’ll discuss your situation, and together, determine if we are a good fit to continue the phone coaching program.