Why Use Movement to Help Alleviate Grief?

I designed my Moving Past Grief program to identify and embrace your personal purpose, as well as the significance of deep loss. The customized class series helps us move through grief as an ultimately healing, liberating and empowering process. I tailor the program for each participant’s needs and abilities.

The imagery I select helps you move energy through your body in order to fully express and release your grief. One need not be a dancer or have had any dance training to receive the full benefits of moving to express emotion where words are not enough. Here are some ideas I share at the Movement Workshops:

  •  If your body is your temple, Dance is your prayer. It is your moving meditation. It is your sacred task to express your true self.
  • If anyone says they would like to dance like me, I tell them “Great – then dance like you.” H. Auden said, “Dance while you can.” He did not say dance well!
  • Allow yourself to use your powerful imagination. Children do it every day. As Pablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Imagination mobilizes our natural gifts and is very healing.
  • During the exercises, I invite you to surrender to your imagination and let your body playfully give form to the images I will suggest as the music plays. This is called authentic movement; there are no steps to learn. Just focus on describing with your body what you feel from the music and from my suggestions.

In the Moving Through Grief program, we are going beyond thought, beyond self-consciousness to merge with the music and the motion. You’ll let the force of life pulse through you, using your hands and arms, your heart, your belly, your legs and feet.

The result will surprise and delight you, and may even lead to ecstasy!

I have personally made healing dances on or these occasions:

  • Symbolic dance of death and resurrection – 7 Veils for Mom
  • Improvisational performance on the day I had to put my 21-year-old cat down – did a lot of floor work and even cried.
  • Eulogy dance for Princess Di

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