Overcoming Grief . . . The Power of Forgiveness

I am sorryserene water view signifying the healing of grief in Marin
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

Ancient Hawaiian Healing Prayer

This Hawaiian prayer asks us to assume 100% responsibility for everything that crosses our path. The best thing we can take from any experience is the lesson, without resenting the teacher or ourselves.

Anything that needs clearing can be done by repeating those four golden phrases. Try saying them over and over in your mind, either in solitude or while engaged in any “situation.”

Here is an example of how you can personalize the prayer:

I am sorry (for my part in this situation, for being unaware)

Please forgive me (for whatever contribution I made, I didn’t know what I was creating)

Thank you (for the miraculous possibility of erasing this, for taking care of this, God)

I love you (reconnect to Divine Love, God, universal intelligence, the person, or myself)

I apologize (for any hurt I brought you)

I forgive you (for any hurt you brought me)

Thank you ( for all the good times and the growth)

I love you (only love is real)

Louise Hay, in her book Meditations to Heal Your Life, wraps up her Forgiveness Meditation with this: “I go about my own business of clearing the unforgiving parts of my mind, and I allow the love to come in. Then I am healed.”

Let’s face it, being unforgiving is detrimental to our health. Plus, the energy it takes detracts from the success of our current projects and joie de vivre!

Even if someone appears to have been deliberately devious or hurtful, blaming them or replaying the bad soap opera reruns in our mind only punishes us, never the perpetrator.

Next week, I’ll give you five ways to be your own best friend, and support you in forgiving yourself and others.

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